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TriStar Trader is a semi- automated trading system that we built with some of the smartest Forex traders in the world.  We put their principles and strategies into one central trading system that resulted in this amazing software.

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The Sales Funnel

We built out a strong 3 step sales funnel to help educate traders and help them understand how TriStar Trader can help them succeed trading Forex even if they are an asbolute beginner that is struggling.

The 3 step funnel takes your customer on a journey teaching them about 4 elements that are important for trading success and then leads them to additional information and video to teach them how to be a better trader utilizing our software. 

We also have built out a strong follow up system to continue converting those who don't sign up right away. 

In terms of retention the software works, has an excellent risk to reward ratio, and we back up the software with a strong guarantee and absolute reliable support.  Your customers will appreciate this offer!

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